Ayden Hector Stanford

is a recent high school graduate and aspiring college athlete

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In today's collegiate landscape, juggling academics with extracurriculars poses a unique challenge. But for some, like Ayden Hector Stanford, excelling in the classroom while simultaneously shining on the football field and contributing to the community has become second nature.

His academic journey began at Eastside Catholic High School in Sammamish, WA. Consistently distinguishing himself, he secured a spot on the honor roll each year, graduating in 2020 from one of the area's premier high schools. However, it wasn't just book smarts; he embraced a holistic education. He actively volunteered and partook in various extracurricular activities, from sports to mastering Microsoft applications that would prove invaluable in his tertiary education. His prowess on the football field was also unmistakable, bagging all-state player honors on multiple occasions.

Post high school, Ayden took his zeal for learning to Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. With an innate love for the outdoors and the allure of the mountains, this institution was an evident choice. Even amidst the scenic beauty of Colorado, his commitment to academics remains unwavering. Majoring in business, he's poised to fast-track his graduation, eyeing a December 2023 finish.

Parallel to his academic ventures, his flame for football burns bright. As a Colorado State Ram, he has been a force to reckon with, taking up the mantle of a defensive back. Despite participating in seven games, he clinched all-conference accolades, underscoring his prodigious talent.

In the 2022 season, he witnessed Stanford emerge as a defensive stalwart. Amassing 24 tackles and three interceptions, his prowess was undeniable. One of his standout performances unfolded on October 7, 2022. He registered eight tackles and an interception in that game and exhibited his flair for dramatics by converting an interception into a touchdown. With three years of eligibility in his arsenal, anticipation builds for Ayden's 2023 season. His aspirations? To fortify his legacy and elevate the Colorado State program.

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